Roger Himes, The Gospel Life Coach: DEATH AND HEAVEN


This site contains two important
subjects that concern ALL of us!

(1) Facing physical death during our lifetime
(2) Visualizing and anticipating eternal life in heaven

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The Gospel Truth About The God of Death

The Bible describes our physical death as being like
a glorious morning sunrise, not a fading evening sunset. 

The Gospel Truth About Heaven Is Real

It’s like the Bible paints a picture of heaven for us to anticipate.
It’s not specific in all regards, but it contains a whole lot of clues.



Here are a listing of my other sites of specific interest:
10 empowering gospel coaching sessions.
The parables of Jesus: how he vividly explains his gospel.
How each book of the New Testament impacts us today.
The Old Testament viewed through New Testament gospel eyes.
Inspirational, thought stimulating blog posts.
Worship songs and thoughts to meditate on.
Every prediction about end times has been wrong for 2,000 years.
Are we perhaps viewing end times incorrectly?
Revelation 1 tells us it is actually about THREE things, not ONE thing.
A political blog about current events and thoughts.
Introductory messages on the creation of our Constitution.
The legalities of our founding Constitutional documents.

(And two personal interest, motivating and fun parts)
A satire on America that evolves into positive thoughts
(taken from my 39-line, thought-provoking song about America).

HUMOR and lawyer JOKES about the law and our justice system.


Roger Himes

The Gospel Life Coach
The Constitution Lawyer Coach
A voice of end times viewed through the cross of Christ’s finished work

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